Sexist gorilla evicted

Bethan Owen Contributor
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There’s no room for sexists in Texas.

Patrick the Silverback gorilla has been kicked out of his home in the Dallas, Texas zoo for biting and “sneering at” female gorillas, despite the zoo’s long-standing efforts to socialize him and encourage Patrick to make some lady friends. The gorilla is now being sent to a zoo in South Carolina where he’ll have an exhibit to himself, with no babes around to cramp his style.

Despite media rumors that Patrick is going away to some sort of sexism therapy for primates, the Dallas Zoo states on its Facebook page “please don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Patrick isn’t going away for “therapy” and he’s not “antisocial.” He is simply socialized more to people than to gorillas, so he prefers to be alone.”

The zoo also states that Patrick’s move has been years in the making, involving “gorilla experts” from all over the United States.

It’s a hard life for a misunderstood 430-pound primate.

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Bethan Owen