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MoveOn.org has had enough tea

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Get it? Because of the teabaggers in the Tea Party?

The other day they published the following poster, which is as clever as it is truthful, for their members to print out and annoy normal people with:


Up yours, Tea Party! I’m not sure whether this means they want to bring back the Stamp Act too? Probably.

And now, fans of big huge unprecedentedly enormous government are showing just how much they hate that defining moment in American history. They’re taking it right to their Congressmen, who wouldn’t hold such an office if not for a long-ago fight against the very sort of tyranny we’re living through now:


(Note the actual teabag attached. That’s above and beyond the call of stupidity!)





Well, you get the “idea.” At least they’re being honest about how much they hate America.

It’ll be tough to top this brilliant and historically astute protest. For their next act, MoveOn should hire a guy to dress up like George Washington, drop trou, and take a giant sloppy $#!+ all over the Constitution.