Playboy models defend, encourage fired Spanish teacher

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Now that The Daily Caller’s favorite Spanish teacher, Cristy Nicole Deweese, is out of a job for posing nude in Playboy, it’s obviously time to find out what other women who posed nude in Playboy think about the situation.

If two women interviewed by Fox News represent an accurate sampling, there’s a lot of anger and disappointment out there.

The Dallas Independent School District fired Deweese, 21, last week. The first-year teacher had posed nude as Playboy’s “Coed of the Month” in February 2011 when she was an 18-year-old college student.(RELATED: Hasta la vista, baby: High school Spanish teacher who posed for Playboy now sacked)

“I think it was very unfair that she was fired. She didn’t do anything wrong. She didn’t break any laws. She was a beautiful young girl. She’s educated and that’s what really should matter to these parents,” Playboy model Jessica Leigh told Fox News. “What she’s done in her past shouldn’t really affect it as long as she has her education and is teaching her students to the best of her ability.”

Leigh’s added that Playboy is pretty tame as far nudity goes.

“It’s kind of the Disney of porn,” Leigh proffered. “Women want to be beautiful and show themselves like, ‘Hey, I’m young. I’m beautiful, you know, here it is.’ We’re born naked, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.”

Liz Ashley, another Playboy model and a friend of Deweese, agreed.

“I could understand if someone was upset if she was doing it currently now, but since she did do this years before while she was in college — probably to put herself through college — I don’t think there is anything wrong with that,” Ashley said. “Not everybody has some big nest egg with money sitting aside for college.”

Ashley said she has encouraged her friend to find another teaching job. However, Deweese has indicated that she may return to modeling if the whole Spanish teacher thing doesn’t pan out.

“The day she got fired she actually said, ‘It looks like I’m going to be modeling again [since] obviously I’m unemployed,” Ashley told Fox.

Debbee May, a producer and casting director for Playboy, noted that it’s not unusual for women who have posed nude for Playboy to run into career problems later on.

“I have a prison guard who got fired and got her job back, a kindergarten teacher who managed to stay under the radar and still teach,” May told Fox News. “The police officer who got fired, but that is what she wanted anyway. I could go on forever.”

Before she was sacked, Deweese had taught at Rosie M. Collins Sorrells School of Education and Social Services. Her presence generated quite a buzz among students ever since they discovered her collegiate exploits saved for posterity on YouTube. (RELATED: Teacher is the centerfold: Dallas high school teacher posed nude on Playboy website)

Deweese had apparently just turned 18 when she posed nude for the illustrious men’s magazine. She was not employed by the Dallas Independent School District at the time.

In Playboy’s online videos and photos, Deweese goes by the much sexier name, Cristy Nicole.

In a YouTube clip entitled “Coed Cristy Nicole is One Sexy Hunter,” Deweese can be seen modeling in striped pajamas and lingerie for Playboy. She spends much of the clip chatting with people behind the scenes.

She says hunting is one of her hobbies. She talks about her career goals — even then, at just 18, she knew she wanted to be a Spanish teacher.

Deweese spends much of the clip discussing a bag of beef jerky she brought to snack on during her modeling shoot.

At least one parent had suggested that Deweese’s presence in front of a classroom was a distraction for students. The parent also charged that students were checking out her video and photos on campus.

Students seemed less concerned—at least the ones chirping on the web. Many posted comments under Deweese’s Playboy video on YouTube.

“That’s my Spanish teacher!!!” reads a representative YouTube comment.

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