Washington Post corrects man’s description from ‘thickset’ to ‘muscular’

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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The recent subject of a Washington Post Style article did not take kindly to being described as kind of a fatty, thank you very much.

WaPo education reporter Emma Brown tweeted out an image of perhaps the best newspaper correction of all time Wednesday morning:

WaPo correction


This means that Capt. Robert Durand was so offended by the throwaway description that he called the paper and asked them to print a correction. WaPo changed the original description to this:

Durand, a tall, muscular man with glasses, talks about his work in big, broad terms. He is not merely a public affairs officer, but someone engaged in a struggle against a determined al-Qaeda propaganda effort.

Maybe Durand has been carrying around a little bit of extra birthday cake weight, or sprained his left ankle and hasn’t been able to hit the gym as much lately. He may have been born big-boned, but DO NOT refer to him as thickset.

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