Here’s what you can and can’t search for on Instagram

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Hashtags are a way for people of Twitter and Instagram to find Tweets or pictures pertaining to the same subject matter. People frequently use them for event promotion as well as expressing their opinions about a current event.

A handful of hashtags have been deemed too offensive or suggestive for Instagram, though. Users can still label their shots with them, but other users are unable to search for them. Instagram had an initial list of banned hashtags that DataPack found in August, but has recently relaxed its standards.

Some of the hashtags allowed now are puzzling due to similar words continuing to be banned. Users can now search for the hashtag “chink” but not “kike.” “FakeBoobs” is OK, but “boobs” is not. “Fuckit” and “fucker” are allowed but not “fuck.”

The seemingly innocent words “shower,” “photography,” “petite” or “iPhone” are still unable to be searched for, while the comically confusing tags “winterfuckoff,” “SexualWednesdays,” “nopecsnosex,” “fuckyouhitler,” and “adiosbitchachos” are now perfectly acceptable in Instagram’s book.

Notably, Instagram is now re-allowing the tag “thinspo,” which has caused controversy on multiple online platforms. It’s short for “thinsporation” which tend to be pictures of frighteningly skinny models or actresses that those with eating disorders use as inspiration to not eat. Interestingly “probulimia” and “proanorexia” are still unable to be searched for.

Guess it’s time to start celebrating #SexualWednesdays. See the full list of terms now allowed and still banned, here.

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