Kirsten Powers slams White House Obamacare excuses: ‘My blood pressure goes up’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Left-leaning Daily Beast columnist Kirsten Powers, who recently revealed how she lost her health coverage under Obamacare, slammed the Obama administration’s efforts to deal with the metastasizing Affordable Care Act Tuesday night.

On Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, the “All-Star Panel” weighed in on the administration’s responses to the disastrous Obamacare rollout.

Washington Post columnist George Will blamed the widening crisis on President Barack Obama’s lack of managerial experience.

“Well, everyone is talking about this extraordinarily complicated act as though it’s a tinker toy,” Will explained. “If you don’t like this part, just plug in another part. It’s much more like a Calder mobile which he called a kinetic sculpture. If you touch something over here, things jiggle all the way over here. It’s very hard to change this piecemeal and I think that’s about what they’re about to find out. And this is why you can probably only have this created by a president who had never run anything larger than a Senate office. And that is why we generally prefer governors as presidents. They have at least run something.”

Powers had a different reaction to the White House’s explanations for the less-than-desirable rollout of Obamacare.  She explained how she had been personally affected by the law and said the explanation from Obama and his press secretary Jay Carney is not based in truth. Powers said customers like her are seeing their premiums increase in order to subsidize others.

“My blood pressure goes up every time they say that they’re protecting us from substandard health insurance plans because there is nothing to support what they’re saying,” Powers said. “I have talked about how I am losing my health insurance. If I want to keep the same health insurance, it’s going to cost twice is as much. There’s nothing substandard about my plan. All of the things they say that are not in my plan are in my plan. All of the things they have listed — there’s no explanation for the doubling of my premiums other than the fact it’s subsidizing other people.

“They need to be honest about that — that that’s the reason they don’t want to change it,” she continued. “It’s because they’re basically taking the people who are responsible enough to get health insurance in the individual market and asking them to subsidize other people. So they’re taking young healthy people and asking them to subsidize other people. I don’t think that’s going to last, frankly. I think they’re trying to buy time until they think they’re going to reach this next deadline. I don’t think they’re going to reach it and when they don’t reach it … I think there is going to be an absolute — now, not just senators who are up for reelection, you know, calling for this to be fixed — so, I think they’re going to have to respond to that.”

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