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Mediaite ‘White House correspondent’ thinks I’m the head of an Italian crime family

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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I’ve been called “pathologically vicious” and “cruel” and compared to HLN’s Nancy Grace (because we look like twins, right?). But never in all my years of reporting have I been accused of deploying goons to commit an online crime.

Until now.

Enter Mediaite “White House correspondent” Tommy Christopher, who has apparently lost all his marbles — or else he never had any in the first place.

Please read the email he recently sent me. It followed a much longer email fight we sustained for about 24 hours, wherein he accused me of having his children “cyberstalked.” That, of course, is as ridiculous as coming up with a fake name while trying to convince people your journalism is authentic — which I wouldn’t do.

Subject line: New stalker stuff


first of all, fwiw, I wasn’t trying to be a jerk at Sam’s thing, I just wanted to make sure you know I was there, and was not looking for a fight. Won’t say hello to you in future.

Since exactly after our last email exchange, someone has been stalking and threatening me about my brother on Twitter, which I have so far dealt with by blocking. If you told someone about our argument, it appears to have triggered this new round of harassment. Whatever our problems, I know you don’t want that.

The harassment escalated today, and while I’m sure you don’t know anything about it, perhaps you could let whoever you told about our argument to knock it off. Would really like to put all of this business behind us.

He sent that email in October. I never responded, but let me give it a try now:

Dearest Tommy,

I appreciate you feeling the need to announce yourself at a party, but when you spend 24 hours sending me emails telling me what a psychopath I am, you shouldn’t be surprised when you approach me to “say hello” and it doesn’t go over too well.

Put this business behind us? What “business” is that? Just because I think it’s ridiculous that you have a fake name does not mean I am responsible for the alleged cyberstalking of your children. I quoted a tweet more than a year ago regarding a fight you had with other journalists about your name not being your birth name. It’s a severe leap in judgement to say that means I am somehow spearheading a campaign to have your family cyberstalked.

When you send me crazy emails accusing me of crazy things, no, I don’t have to keep my mouth shut. I’m glad you won’t be seeking me out at parties. Besides, seeing the apparent access I have to thugs who kill people, launder money and frequent strip clubs (at least in “The Sopranos”), it’s probably not a good idea.