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First Eric Mar came for your Happy Meals, San Francisco; now he’s after Batkid

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If you don’t know who Batkid is, welcome to the Internet. This is Batkid:

A lot of people did something really great for a sick little kid who has gone through a lot. Who in the world could be against–


Oh yeah. That jerk.

If the name “Eric Mar” sounds familiar, that’s because this isn’t the first time he’s taken childhood innocence and twisted it around for his own purposes. Phillip Matier And Andrew Ross, San Francisco Chronicle:

San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar – the man who pushed to take the toys out of Happy Meals – couldn’t help but snip the fun from Friday’s mega-community celebration of Batkid, the 5-year-old leukemia patient getting his Make-A-Wish dream of being Batman for a day.

Yep, it’s the Happy Meal Grinch again. Mar is such a creepy nanny-state liberal, even The Daily Show doesn’t like him:

After everybody yelled at Mar to shut the hell up and leave Batkid alone, he put out the following statement:

My Statement on BatKid and Make a Wish Foundation

It is truly remarkable to see the City coming together around BatKid to support such a lovable and brave little boy and in doing so creating an indelible moment in our history.

I am proud of San Francisco and the thousands of volunteers and donors for rallying around Miles, and I salute the Make a Wish Foundation for the incredible and inspiring work they do bringing joy to the lives of so many other brave children.

The words that I tweeted today regarding this event are not meant to diminish how special today was. I simply wanted to urge that we, as a City, find similar amounts of love, compassion and empathy for children living every day in dire circumstances who, in the vast majority of cases, will not be supported or even recognized by our society.

I salute and send much love to Miles the BatKid and his family and call on those who supported him to also think about taking the Snap Challenge with me as a way of gaining a greater understanding of how it feels to go hungry in one of the richest cities in the world. If even a fraction of those who took action on behalf of the BatKid today take concrete steps to eradicating hunger in San Francisco, that will also be something we can all be proud of.

Supervisor Eric Mar

Or, you could’ve just said nothing to begin with. That would’ve worked out just fine.

Supervise your own kids, Mar. Stop bothering everybody else’s.

(Hat tip: The Blaze)