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Oppressed victim Dayna Morales suspended merely for falsely accusing restaurant patrons of homophobia

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Last week I told you about Dayna Morales, a brave victim of homophobic bigotry that may or may not have actually happened. Here is Dayna’s harrowing tale of survival:

Well, isn’t that just typical. These anonymous people walk into her restaurant and act all hetero and stuff. Then they present facts and evidence in a desperate ploy to distract from their hatred of the LGBT community. And we’re all supposed to believe them?

Come on, people, Ms. Morales was a Marine. (Well, a reservist. Who was dishonorably discharged for failing to show up for drills.) She survived a plane crash in Afghanistan that wiped out her whole platoon. (She never served there, but whatever.) She’s a Hurricane Sandy survivor. (Who was never in any danger.) And she’s a brain cancer survivor! (Okay, maybe not.)

Fine. Forget all that, then. The fact remains: She’s gay.


Be a bigot, then. Wallow in your hatred. I’m sure you’ll slap your crudely misshapen paws together at this latest act of homophobic prejudice, courtesy of WKXW-FM:

Server Dayna Morales has been suspended by her Bridgewater restaurant employers pending completion of their investigation of allegations that she falsified a story about a customer leaving her an anti-gay message in lieu of a tip.

“Ms. Morales is currently not on our employee schedule while we are still working to complete our investigation,” the Gallop Asian Bistro restaurant posted on its Facebook page.

This is an outrage. How dare they? Dayna Morales has a right to that job, and you breeders won’t get away with this.

If those dumb patrons didn’t want to be the “victims” of a tiny little fib that points to a much larger truth — homophobia exists, you guys, and it’s really, really bad — then they shouldn’t have walked into a restaurant and left a 19% tip.

Free Dayna Morales!

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Jim Treacher