Obama bombs Facebook with pro-Obamacare missives

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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Pro-Obamacare messages are being plastered on Americans’ Facebook pages by President Barack Obama’s most faithful supporters, many of whom need a morale boost, according to a new email blast from the president’s front-group.

“Next time you hear from the Obamacare naysayers in your life, here’s something you can send them… 29,000 Americans successfully signed up in just the first two days of the week,” says the Dec. 7 announcement from Obama’s “Truth Team”

The email is signed by Erin Hannigan, the health care campaign manager for the president’s Organizing for Action nonprofit.

“You don’t need to put up with anyone trying to drag health care reform through the mud. We all have a lot of reasons to be proud of this law, and every day, there are more stories to share that push back against the people cynically rooting for it to fail,” says the message, which includes prominent buttons that allow recipients to flash Obama’s message out to their Facebook pages or their Twitter followers.

“This is a good one — check it out, then share it on Facebook… Facts don’t lie,” the site says, as it asks fans to post a favorable CNN article to their Facebook pages.

“A revamped federal health care website has helped enroll 29,000 Americans in insurance plans over the past several days, a source familiar with the numbers said,” according to the CNN article, which relied on a single source.

Since its rollout on Oct. 1, Obama’s government-directed health-care network has cancelled the policies of more than 4 million Americans, despite Obama’s repeated promises that Americans could keep their plans and their doctors.

At least four million Americans, and perhaps up to 15 million, are being forced to buy Obamacare-compliant, high-priced insurance policies, despite Obama’s promises that families would save money by using his network.

The policies are costly, and also contain fewer doctors and higher deductibles. Obamacare’s healthcare tax that is intended to redistribute money from young people and middle-class couples toward older people and the unskilled people in Obama’s political coalition.

Since its Oct. 1 launch, the Obamacare website has failed catastrophically, partly because Obama didn’t create a top-level team to link government and commercial databases or protect the privacy of private e-mails.

In October and November, only 126,000 people used the website to pick a plan, far fewer than the March 31 goal of 7 million people. Assuming official claims that at least 29,000 “signed up” in early December — a vague claim that does not say whether these people actually purchased an insurance plan — that would still put Obamacare way behind the rate it needs to maintain, according to its own numbers.

Officials and healthcare companies have not released the number of people who have successfully bought a health plan.

That’s partly because contaminated data and missing software at the Obamacare website mean that many people’s applications are incomplete or factually inaccurate.

If the software and pricing problems aren’t cleared up by December 23, Obamacare may actually reduce the number of people with health insurance by January.

Also, numerous portions of the 2010 law have been delayed on President Obama’s say-so, suggesting the intricate law can’t work without a major do-over.

The OFA email ignores the myriad problems, instead using the president’s most ardent supporters to make a high-pressure sales pitch for Obamacare policies to friends and relatives.

“Trust me, you’ll love this,” the pick-me-up email says.

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