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Cable provider is clairvoyant? 

“It’s like my cable provider knows I’m dumping it. I called today & switched. It’s not official till Saturday but tonight it’s acting all FU!” — MSNBC’s Touré.


Quote taken entirely out of context 

“I am really upset I hadn’t heard about Tila Tequila losing her mind sooner. This is really my kind of story.” — Talking Points Memo‘s Hunter Walker.

So much in common: Dave Weigel and Robin Thicke 

“For bringing the world together with the power of music, Robin Thicke is MY person of the year.” — Slate‘s Weigel.


“There was a time , I suppose up to about 15 years ago, when people really cared who Time put on the cover as Man of the Year.” — WSJ‘s Peggy Noonan.

Free Patrick Howley! 

“Appeared on ‘Morning Bro’ today to discuss the real issues.” — The Daily Caller‘s Howley, except the powers that be would not let him speak! The Mirror demands that he be allowed to speak freely when he appears next on Morning Bro.

The Observer

“Guy on the Metro is carrying a flip phone and listening to music on a Sony Discman. He’ll be starting a DVD collection soon.” — The Atlantic and Bloomberg View‘s Jeffrey Goldberg.


Is there a good reason why Sherri Shepherd needs this much fried chicken? 

“In CA @Albertsons has the best fried chicken if you need over 50 pcs… is there a grocery store in NJ that sells great fried chicken in bulk?” — ABC’s The View‘s Sherri Shepherd.


“When I talked with Podesta recently he emphasized how second term presidents need to leverage executive power, master use of fed agencies.” — Politico‘s Glenn Thrush.


Journo wants to binge drink over youthful colleagues 

“Youthful colleagues are talking with curiosity about who had blogs 10 years ago & I basically just want to go home & drink myself asleep.” — The Guardian‘s Spencer Ackerman.

Reporter concerned about his own press, refers to himself in third person 

“A little concerned that post-sellout Twitchy won’t have as much time for Yglesias-bashing.” — Slate‘s Matthew Yglesias referring to Twitchy being sold to Townhall.