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This is some serious Kardashian click bait

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The good thing about the Kardashians: they draw ridiculously high web traffic. The bad thing about the Kardashians: they draw ridiculously high web traffic.

And so it is. Whenever a Kardashian wipes her ass, an arangutang weeps and a news outlet runs something. (Full disclosure: Yes, I’ve been guilty of covering the Kardashians, especially when Kim Kardashian came to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as FNC Greta Van Susteren‘s date. At the time and writing for a different outlet, I wrote about journalists and aides at fancy parties discussing Kim’s big butt. A horrifying truth: it was the highest trafficked item that month.]

But today it’s HuffPost‘s turn. They sent a pretty deceptive celebrity news alert saying, “As if Khloe’s divorce wasn’t enough, another possible Kardashian breakup?”

Except it isn’t about a Kardashian breakup at all. Click on through and you get a picture of a Kardashian couple accompanied by “Another breakup?” A further lure: “Let us set the record straight.” Still another click and you land on their actual story, which is a takedown of an In Touch magazine piece which they seemingly prove to be untrue. So let’s get this straight: They bait the reader into possibly thinking that Kourtney Kardashian is headed for Splitsville with her douchey baby daddy boyfriend Scott Disick. But no, they’re not.

And how dare In Touch try to insinuate that. How horribly tacky of them.

(But just in case, I’m tagging all of their names and making sure I get Kardashian in the headline).

Correction: I incorrectly thought Kourtney K. was married to Disick. They’re planning to get hitched. For now, he’s still the baby daddy and boyfriend. The Mirror apologizes profusely to the Kardashian family and their many fans.