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NYT reporter: Leave Spitzer’s girlfriend alone

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In an unusual act of chivalry, male Washington reporters, strategists and high-level political aides are coming to the defense of Lis Smith, the newly outed girlfriend of Eliot Spitzer, of Mayflower Hotel fame. They are particularly irate over a New York Post column today that has sites like Gothamist accusing the writer of “slut shaming.” In her column, Andrea Peyser takes Smith to task for having a “fetish” for balding men and black knee socks. If those weren’t amusing enough “fetishes” the author refers to Smith as a “cookie” and “a bimbo” for dating the technically still married Spitzer. Ouch!

Alexis Grenell, a media strategist, also defends Smith. She writes in the New York Daily News that Smith is being demonized for having a brain and wanting sex: “In reality, Smith is just another casualty of the persistent cultural sexism that slut-shames women for having a sex life and being smart, too.”

The question remains, can she sleep with a balding, black knee sock-wearing Spitzer and still have a brain? (Yes, I’m joking a little.)

Lis Smith