MORNING BRO: Obama, LBJ and 50 years of failure [VIDEO]

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Dennis Rodman has come a long way from dressing up in wedding dresses and dyeing his hair funny colors. No, seriously — he’s in North Korea right now, and boy is that place far away. Rodman had an epic meltdown on live television Tuesday, and “Morning Bro” is here to re-enact the madness.

Meanwhile, the War on Poverty has reached its semicentennial. Fifty years after LBJ took the nation to war against poorness, things are… about the same. So what have we learned?

And when the government steals your raccoon away, what do you do? We’ll reveal one man’s journey to reunite with his favorite little trash-digger.

All that on today’s episode of “Morning Bro,” featuring The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis, Vince Coglianese, Taylor Bigler, and Christopher Bedford.

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