Cop was at fault in car crash, but guess who got blamed

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A 28-year old female driver who received a concussion when a police car crashed into her is now suing the police department, which conducted an “extremely biased” investigation that wrongly blamed the accident on her.

Amber Krasley was driving through an intersection in Bethlehem, Penn. when Officer William Audelo ran a red light and slammed into her. Audelo was responding to a routine traffic stop, but had not turned on his siren, and only activated his emergency lights a second before hitting Krasley, according to The Morning Call.

Krasley suffered a concussion, post-concussive syndrome, mild cognitive impairment, and neck, shoulder and back injuries, according to her lawsuit against Bethlehem.

Audelo subjected Krasley to a sobriety test and blood-alcohol test. He then charged her with failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

According to Krasley’s lawsuit, the police department conducted its own investigation of the accident, when it should have allowed internal affairs to take over. Bethlehem police “conducted an extremely biased investigation with the hopes of pinning the blame for the accident.”

A judge found Krasley not guilty of the “failure to yield” charge.

She is now suing for $50,000.

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