Annoying rich kids who fled fancypants British boarding school found living it up in Caribbean

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Rich people are frequently annoying. Even more frequently, their kids are really, exceptionally, slap-worthy annoying.

Take Indira Gainiyeva and Edward Bunyan, a couple of sniveling, jet-setting children of wealthy who attend a fancypants boarding school in England.

Gainiyeva and Bunyan, both 16, decided it would be a good idea to run away from Stonyhurst College in Lancashire last week, reports The Guardian.

The well-heeled playboy and playgirl slipped away from the gorgeous, Gothic campus in the dark of night on or about Jan. 15. They took a taxi to Manchester and then took a couple flights to the Dominican Republic.

They used credit cards to pay for it all.

Once in the Dominican Republic, the coupled headed to a hotel in the perfectly tacky, gloriously inauthentic Punta Cana region because, apparently, they just had to get the beach.

“It can be pretty miserable at a bleak 15th-century Jesuit school in the middle of winter and close friends say they had a bad case of the post-holiday blues,” a source who knew the kids explained, according to The Guardian.

Other kids at the boarding school viewed their escaped peers as “legends.” They tweeted about their whereabouts using the hashtags #WheresIndira and #WheresBunyan.

Lancashire police confirmed that the teens were “safe and well” on Monday.

The head teacher at Stonyhurst, Andrew Johnson, expressed relief that the teens’ vacation nightmare was now nearly over. He thanked “parents and friends of Stonyhurst for their overwhelming support at this difficult time.”

Johnson also noted that Gainiyeva and Bunyan were still in the Dominican Republic as of Monday, “in the care of the police and a family member.”

While it’s unclear who owns the credit cards Gainiyeva and Bunyan used for their transatlantic outing, the teens appear to come from obscenely wealthy backgrounds.

Stonyhurst College is a Jesuit boarding school dating to the 16th Century where fees run almost £30,000 (about $49,000) per year.

On her Facebook page, Gainiyeva says she is from Kazakhstan. Her musical interests include Eminem, Drake, Pitbull and Rihanna. Among the books she likes on Facebook is, fittingly, Romeo and Juliet.

On his Facebook page, Bunyan says his hometown is a large, wealthy gated community in Andalusia, Spain. His favorite musicians include a throng of mainstream and obscure rappers from around the world. His favorite movies include “Knocked Up,” “Jackass” and “Ted.” He hasn’t officially liked a single book but he has liked Taste of Spice, an Indian restaurant in Scotland.

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