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Media basher of the day: “Obama doesn’t try to intimidate MSNBC because they adore him, worship him.” — Newt Gingrich on CNN’s “Crossfire” Tuesday night.

Confessional. “My wife has been kicked off of planes because of this issue. It is gender discrimination.” — MSNBC “Daily Rundown” host Chuck Todd on the show this morning, in a conversation with Washington Post‘s Reid Wilson and former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell on voter ID laws.


Travel Bitches

“My first time riding MetroBus home and the driver is asking us where the bus route goes and says it’s his first day. Um…. #metrofail.” — Jessica Taylor, campaign editor for The Hill, last night at 7:49 p.m.

“Wearing only a hoodie in a major snow storm turned out to be a bad idea.” — TheBlaze‘s Oliver Darcy.

A warning…don’t bother this dude’s wife. “Crazy people: Please don’t email my wife at work because of something I wrote. That’s scary.” — Mother Jones‘ Washington reporter Nick Baumann.


Thanks but no thanks JDate and Christian Mingle 

“Nice to hear from you, JDate and ChristianMingle, but you should maybe fire your market research/spam people.” — Yahoo! News‘ Washington Bureau Chief Olivier Knox.

BREAKING: A journo with shitty clothing

“NEVER fails: 3 hours before I get on a plane, I realize everything I own is stained, worn and dotted with moth holes.” — Washington Post Book World Editor Ron Charles.



SOS!? “OH SHIT WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE ON THIS TRAIN” — BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton visiting the BuzzFeed offices in New York City. Minutes later…“Freezing to death on a commuter train outside metro park New Jersey would be an ignoble ass way to die. Like drownin in a puddle in yonkers.”

Haven’t we heard enough about poop from MSNBC? 

“Apparently you pooped from your brain. #SixWordPeerReview.”  — MSNBC “The Cycle” co-host Touré.

The Observers

“Christie subdued in tone/volume. But delivery steady, scripted. Using teleprompter, no extemp” — Washington Post‘s Robert Costa.

“Leave aside #bridgegate and this @GovChristie speech is presidential quality. He’s saying what GOP needs to hear. So far GOP not interested.” — Washington Post‘s Jonathan Capehart.


“I feel like Abominable Snowman in sausage casing. #hopetheselayerswork.” — FNC’s Shannon Bream

“I’ve covered my entire body in a thick sheen of Chapstick to prepare for the elements that await me in the morning.” — The Bill Press Show’s producer Peter Ogburn.

stages_artist_bike_1-570x379-1NPR reporter has near-death commute in London 

“Tube broke down so I commuted by bike for the first time in London today. Good news: didn’t die. Bad news: almost did.” — NPR White House correspondent Ari Shapiro.

Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell fallout

“I have enough trouble asking to borrow vending machine money, let alone LOUIS VUITTON SHOES AND 30 BOXES OF ANATABLOC.” — TheBlaze‘s Eddie Scarry. (The Mirror will be putting together a vending machine fund so Eddie can buy his Skittles. Write me at to donate.)

Something to think about…“How much viral lift does angering a Gawker editor give to a BuzzFeed post?” Michael Roston, NYT staff editor, social media.

Ezra Klein on crack? 

“Dammit, who leaked the new venture?” — Soon to be ex-Washington Post‘s Ezra Klein in reaction to a follower who wrote, “@dylanmatt @MelissaBell @ezraklein U three will be homeless and on crack in 9 months.”