UFOs, selfies, mysterious moving rocks and other news from Mars

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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The Mars Curiosity Rover recently snapped a picture from the planet’s surface that caught an as-of-yet unidentified object streaking through the Martian sky — the latest in a series of newsworthy events from the red planet.


While Mulder-esque extraterrestrial conspiracy theories already abound, thanks to the object’s spherical shape and vapor trail, the mystery UFO is likely a meteor or similar space-faring object.

The new image comes just weeks after another discovery by Curiosity’s elder rover Opportunity, which captured a picture of a rock that mysteriously appeared in front of the rover in sometime over the course of a few days.


NASA has since been studying the rock, which the agency says could have been thrown in front of Opportunity from a meteor strike or been bumped by one of the rover’s wheels.

Opportunity itself was the subject of headlines this week as the rover celebrated its 10th anniversary on Mars with the first-ever Martian selfie.

Opportunity Selfie

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