Bieber needs to ‘straighten up’ cuz ‘Stone Cold’ says so [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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Justin Bieber is carving a path of destruction.

From being busted on the streets of LA for “Drag Racing” to licking strippers to slinging eggs at his neighbor’s house the pint sized tearaway is behaving like he is the missing member of Motley Crue’s fair well tour.

On the The Arsenio Hall Show, WWE superstar “Stone Cold” Steve Austin handed out his own intervention to the “Baby” star in the form of a “Bieber-vention” WWE style promo.

“I love kids to, I got a couple of kids. ” The outspoken star began “Justin, … Straighten your act up or I’m gonna come find you and put my size thirteen right up you’re ass.” The blunt Texan’s advice was greeted with whoops and cheers from the audience.

Hall and Austin reminisced about their own upbringings with the 6 time champion recalling “Like What you said, my mom and dad used to hand out them ass-woopings in the house and if you messed up in the kitchen, mom would go bust out a wooden spoon on yo ass.”

Reaction to Bieber’s antics has been mixed, from shock that the Canadian teeny bopper has spiraled out of control to a collective societal shrug that this is what happens when kids get money.

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