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Someone actually wants to take the blame for founding Occupy Wall Street

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Rarely a day goes by that I look back on those wonderful memories of OWS: Uptwinkles! Riots! Pooping on cop cars! No-Rape Zones! Squalor and human misery! Truly, it was a time to not remember fondly.

You might have imagined that those lovely children had finished embarrassing themselves, but no. Rosie Gray, BuzzFeed:

Occupy Wall Street is dead — but its Twitter account is alive, and it’s become a fascinating hotbed of infighting between rival factions of the group that once slept out in New York’s Zuccotti Park.

Activist Justine Tunney, a Google* engineer, has wrested control of the main@OccupyWallSt Twitter account away from other activists and is taking shots at important figures from the movement, including academic David Graeber, considered by some to be the intellectual father of Occupy. Though Tunney founded the account in 2011, other activists once had access to it. The big question: who founded Occupy?

And then it gets into a bunch of internecine squabbling amongst these would-be revolutionaries. The usual.

Here are some deep thoughts from Ms. Tunney:

Got all that? So stop falling for the “sutterfuge,” you guys. Stop voting and start rioting! Oh, and continue to use Google, so Ms. Tunney can keep her job.

Same as it ever was:

*Of course.