This is why you always clear your browser history [PHOTO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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When someone asks if they can use your phone for a shot on TV news, you might want to make sure that you know what bookmarks are on your browser. Some poor soul over at WGN learned that the hard way.

The Chicago news station was doing a story on a new app called, which expunges minor crimes from records and was developed by high school students, reports webpronews. Unfortunately, when they took some stock footage of someone searching for the app on their phone, their search history and bookmarks also popped up, including a bookmark for Pornhub Mobile — yes, a pornography website.

pornhub phone

Redditor GIANTclouds caught the embarrassing split-second shot and, as one does, shared it with the whole internet.

Let this serve as a warning to always know what will show up on your phone.

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