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HuffPost Garbage Bag: bras help with sagging boobs

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In which we look at examples how HuffPost will publish anything and everything, including garbage.

Continuing our series, today HuffPost Style digs deep into why women wear bras. Their two main points: The undergarment helps with sagging breasts as well as large breasts that can cause women to have back pain if not properly support with, you guessed it, a bra.

They spoke to the head of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the spokeswoman for the American Chiropratic Association.

The plastic surgeon association guy explains that breasts are made up of gland and fat — the more gland there is, the denser they are. But if the breasts are fat? Lighter, he explains, along with the fact that sagging leads to discomfort.

Seriously, why is HuffPost Style writing what 99 percent of all women already know?

Maybe the most obvious quote in the piece: “Even small breasts need to be supported.” But you can’t just start wearing a bra later in life — the longer you wait, apparently the more they sag.

What’s more, sexy bras aren’t so supportive. Even if you have small breasts, you apparently still need to be wearing an industrial strength bra. And a large gazonga-ed woman? Forget it. You might as well wear a harness (our words, not HuffPost’s).