Russia demands deposed Ukrainian president return to power

Scott Greer Contributor
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Russia put the pressure on Ukrainian officials to hand presidential authority back to Viktor Yanukovych and return to the deal brokered on Feb. 21 that guaranteed a new government and mandated early presidential elections.

While the demand met a cool response as negotiations continue to resolve the crisis, Ukraine admitted that currently it has no military options to reverse Russia’s intervention into the Crimean region.

According to an Associated Press report, Ukraine’s interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk stated that his nation has “no military options on the table,” while Ukraine’s military leaders confessed that Russia virtually controls all of its military facilities and border posts in Crimea.

Russia also intensified its pressure on Ukraine early Monday by issuing an ultimatum that demanded all Ukrainian troops in Crimea leave the region by 5 a.m. local time Tuesday or face the consequences of a “military storm.”

Yanukovych, a strong Russia ally, fled Kiev shortly after the Unity agreement was signed, was impeached thereafter, and an warrant was issued for his arrest for the crime of “mass murder.” He currently resides in Russia and insists that he is still the legitimate head of Ukraine.

The unity agreement Yanukovych signed before fleeing would’ve reduced his presidential power, formed a new government, and stipulated early elections.

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