The ‘REAL HOVERBOARD’ hoax revealed

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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The viral ad campaign for the “real hoverboard” that’s been levitating the hopes of tech nerds across the Internet since Tuesday has been exposed as a “Funny or Die” prank.

HUVrTech, the company behind the visually stunning viral video featuring Christopher Lloyd, Tony Hawk, and Moby among others riding and promoting real hoverboards modeled after “Back to the Future” models was exposed as a hoax after a costume designer who worked on the set of the video shoot added the experience to her online resume, Mashable reports.

Funny or Die is a comedy video website with a production company, which created the incredibly impressive campaign – complete with a DeLorean, original theme song from Best Coast, website and how-to video proporting to explain the tech that made the anti-gravity skateboard possible.

The disappointment of would-be-boarders that have dreamt of flying over a half pipe since the 80’s is making waves around the Internet as fast as the viral campaign itself, and with an incredible video like this featuring an awe-struck Tony Hawk and an emotional Doc Brown, who can blame them?


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