Jindal: Obama is the worst president ‘in my lifetime’

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal declared President Barack Obama the worst president in his lifetime at his CPAC speech Thursday, saying his actions in the face of Russian troops occupying Ukraine in the past week had pushed him over the top.

“I spent a lot of 2011 and 2012 going around the country saying that President Obama was the most liberal and most incompetent president in my lifetime ever since [former Democratic President] Jimmy Carter,” Jindal said, referring to his time as chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association.

“But having witnessed the events abroad these last several days, as we see the president of Russia invading a neighboring country while our president wants to downsize our military, while our president brags about the increased spending on food stamps; seeing a president that doesn’t believe that a strong America leads to a peaceful, more stable world; seeing a president who doesn’t understand that a weak America leads to instability; seeing a president who doesn’t seem to understand that our allies, our enemies alike need and want a strong America.

Bobby Jindal speaking at CPAC - Daily Caller/Kelsi Thorud

Bobby Jindal speaking at CPAC – Daily Caller/Kelsi Thorud

“You know, we have long thought and said this president is a smart man. It may be time to revisit that assumption. Or at least make a distinction between being book smart and being truly wise,” Jindal said.

“And so, today let it be heard — and I hope he’s watching — to President Carter, I want to issue a a sincere apology. It is no longer fair to say he was the worst president of this country in my lifetime,” Jindal said. “President Obama has proved me wrong.”

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