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MSNBC mocks Texas GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott’s paraplegia

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Did I mention he’s a Republican? That’s why this is okay.

Actual headline:


Get it? Because his spine was severed in an accident and now he can’t walk. Good one, Zachary Roth.

That’s almost as hilarious as the original headline, which is still in the URL:


See, because he’s in a wheelchair.

I encounter this phenomenon from time to time myself. After a State Department vehicle made an illegal left turn in Washington DC and crippled me for life, I used humor to try to get through the day. To keep my spirits up. Since then, stupid people who happen to disagree with me politically have used my injury to insult me, and somehow that’s supposed to be the same thing. Because, as mentioned, those people are stupid.

Tell all the cripple jokes you want, libs. It’ll just make the humiliating defeat of Wendy Davis that much sweeter.

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