After media firestorm, school reverses absurd punishment for sixth grade hero

Robby Soave Reporter
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Administrators at a Virginia Beach school district ended the 10-day suspension of a sixth grader who apparently violated her school’s weapons policy when she confiscated a tiny razor blade from a fellow student who was using it to hurt himself.

The girl, Adrionna Harris, was hailed in the media as a hero who did the right thing by snatching the blade and immediately throwing it away.

Administrators at Bayside Middle School disagreed, however, and handed down a 10-day suspension. They even recommended expulsion. (RELATED: Sixth grader suspended for taking razor blade away from suicidal student, throwing it away)

But after multiple media outlets–including and The Daily Caller–drew attention to Harris’s situation, the district backed down.

At a hearing on Thursday, administrators took expulsion off the table and allowed Harris to return to school. She was back in class on Friday.

“We are very happy about this, but we still are fighting to make sure none of this appears on her record,” said Adrionna’s mother, Rachael Harris, in a statement to

Administrators agreed to wipe the suspension from her record.

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