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Crazy old man Harry Reid babbles about “Kochtopia”

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As in the Koch brothers. Y’know, those evil right-wingers who keep exercising their First Amendment rights, even though people like Sen. Reid keep saying things about them that aren’t true in real life.

Reid even spells it out, literally, for the benefit of his target audience at the Daily Kos, “Think” “Progress,” and the like. Here he is, muttering incoherently about Paul Ryan’s proposed budget:

Most Americans haven’t heard of the Koch brothers. Most Americans who have heard of them know that they don’t donate nearly as much money to conservative causes as wealthy Democrats donate to liberal causes. Reid is pitching this nonsense directly into the miserable fever-swamp of the extreme left. And they love it.

Remember, it isn’t Harry Reid’s job to pass a budget. His job is to come up with lunatic accusations against people who actually propose a budget.

After all, a budget is just a way to stop spending other people’s money. Who needs that?

(Hat tip: Renee Nal)

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Jim Treacher