Here’s one way to teach your daughter the importance of a clean room [VIDEO]

Chris Bing Contributor
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A Long County, Ga., father decided to make his daughter’s refusal to clean her room a humorous teaching moment that has gotten significant attention on social media, WTOC Fox 8 reports.

After repeatedly asking for his daughter to clean her room and getting fed up with the results, Craig Schlichenmeyer decided to clear out the mess for her. He relocated her entire room, piece by piece outside onto the driveway, with a sign that simply read, “Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time.”

Schlichenmeyer said that Haley, his daughter, is a great student and that it was obviously not his intention to humiliate her in any way, and that he was just “trying to think outside of the box to get his daughter to clean her room.”


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Chris Bing