Daily Caller Patriot: The fox that’s running amok on the White House lawn

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The honor of being Daily Caller Patriot is not something that’s just thrown about willy-nilly to anyone or anything.

But the description of a Daily Caller Patriot — “Someone who stands up for individual liberty in the most awesomely ridiculous, obnoxious or just outright stupid way possible” — has just been expanded to include animals because of one brave individual. (RELATED: Daily Caller Patriot: Woman has an amazing way to crush beer cans)

Your latest Daily Caller Patriot is the fox that is tearing shit up on the White House lawn. (RELATED: White House blames fox for destroying Michelle’s garden)

The fox has been popping up around the White House since last October’s government shutdown and has been wreaking havoc ever since.

Secret Service agents have been unable to detain the fox, which is setting off alarms and tearing up the first lady’s garden. They have even set up traps, but the fox continues to evade the authorities because he is a badass.

Not only does the fox stand up to authority, he stands up to the most powerful people in the world. And for that, we admire him.

Thank you, Mr. (or Ms.) Fox for continuing to stand up to the man.