Terrifying: This is what it’s like to drown

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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French outdoor clothing maker Guy Cotten and ad agency CLM BBDO teamed up to create a part movie, part PSA, part ad about the importance of lifejackets. It’s an interactive movie titled “A Trip Out to Sea” that will absolutely cause nightmares.
Sortie en mer on Make A Gif

In the description for their YouTube trailer, CLM BBDO explains, “Each year in France too many people drown at sea because they neglect to wear a lifejacket. 43% of French people believe that because they can swim they do not need one. However, no matter whether you merely enjoy water activities, are a boating enthusiast or a genuine professional, in the case of an accident, the chances of surviving without a lifejacket are unlikely.”

The interactive film was directed by Ben Strebel and produced by Wanda Digital/Grouek. It will definitely make you think twice before boating, or doing anything in the ocean without proper safety equipment.

See if you can stay afloat: Sortie En Mer

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