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Andrew Sullivan Truly Feels Ill About Losing Wedding Ring

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Blogger Andrew Sullivan, the conservative gay blogger, lost his wedding ring last week during a medical procedure. And now he’s just sick about it.

“Well, the procedure went well yesterday and I’m a little sore but fine,” he wrote in a confessional post. “What’s not so fine is that they lost my wedding ring.”

Sullivan, who is married to Aaron Tone, soon grew emotional about it. “I truly feel ill about this,” he continued. “I’m not at all a possessions-freak; in fact, I am wildly indifferent to things in general. But that little band of gold? After a lifetime of struggle for the right to marry and the blessing of finding my other half? I’m genuinely bereft.”

As sort of a public support group, the site opened a thread, so others could tell their stories of lost wedding rings.

One reader, for example, lost his ring because his finger got greasy eating Taco Bell. He advised, “You can love your next ring too.” Another reader is on his third ring in four years.

Sullivan and Tone met at a gay nightclub in Manhattan. They married in Provincetown, Mass. in August, 2007. Which means their anniversary is coming up (hint, hint, Aaron).