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Meghan McCain Gets Locked Out Without A Bra

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Author Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) absolutely does not want to call attention to her looks. Except who can forget when she wore a strapless dress to make it appear as though she were naked in a PSA about skin cancer? After that, conservative radio’s Glenn Beck went on an obviously awful rampage about the large-bosomed woman’s looks. He said she should wear a burqa and said her physique made him want to vomit. In a 2011 story in The Daily Beast, she fired back, “Shut up about my body, Glenn Beck.”

Yeah, shut up about her body!

Except last night she pointedly called attention to her body once again by announcing on Twitter that she’d been locked out of her Los Angeles apartment without a bra. While it wasn’t a cry for people to think about her weight, it was a call for them to think about her large breasts being on the loose while she had a soulful convo with the locksmith about living in Los Angeles. McCain has made it abundantly clear that she’s not that comfortable there – she prefers Manhattan.


Unsurprisingly, this opened the door for people to remark on her, um, door lock?

“Good day to be a locksmith,” said Chris.

Carlos, clearly referring to porn films, said, “A lot of movies shot near LA start with that very same ‘locksmith’ routine.”

And Jonathan was less subtle, saying, “Thanks for the visual 🙂 :0 but seriously I’m glad it all worked out.”

Jon got career inspiration: “Note to self…. Become a locksmith.”

And Jim grew sympathetic – to her breasts: “It is good to know you sleep without a bra. Those bad boys gotta breathe.”