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Open Carry Activists Strike Again

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By Matt, The Bang Switch

I get it.  I really do.  I understand the motivation behind the open carry activists and their movement.  And no, none of them have violated the law and none of them have gone on rampant shooting sprees like the gun grabbers say they are going to.  However, at some point, they really need to stop and take a look at the results of their actions.

Like all things in life, it is not just the intent that counts; it is the results of your actions that are used to measure success.  If (claimed) intentions were the sole measure of success, I would probably vote Democrat, because everything thing they say they want to do is to help one group or another.  However, when you stop to look at the actual results of Democrat policies (welfare, healthcare, economy, jobs, national security…), they actually make life worse, and not only for the group they claim they want to help, but for everyone else too.


And that is where we find open carry activists.  They are intent on “educating” people about the benefits of open carry, all the while what they are actually doing is convincing heads of large corporations to make corporate policies preventing firearms in their chains.  First, the open carry activists got to Starbucks, who really, really tried to stay neutral.  Then they got Jack in the Box, and now Chipotle joins the ranks of nationwide chains to restrict firearms on their premises.

At what point are the open carry activists going to stop, take a breath, and look at the results of their actions?  The results are not positive.  The results, by any measure, are negative.  If they keep this up, more states are going to follow the lead of CA, where open carry activists were recently successful in getting open carry outlawed.

You guys aren’t helping us, you are hurting us!


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