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Ronan Farrow Is Every Bit As Funny As His Real Dad, Woody Allen

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Hold onto your sides, folks, ’cause this doozy might just split ’em!

Courtesy of Twitchy:


Only if being awesome is wrong, Ronan. And it’s not. Never let them tell you it is.

In related news, Farrow’s MSNBC colleague Touré Neblett is looking at the more serious side of the Holocaust: the attendant white privilege.


I know, right? Those Holocaust survivors are always whining about how tough they’ve had it, but what do they know about pain? Try putting yourself in Touré’s shoes. He has to deal with problems most of us can’t even imagine. He’s stuck on MSNBC in the middle of the afternoon. He wrote a whole book about Prince, and nobody bought it. He has to sit in first class with a bunch of white people who have no idea who he is.

He is suffering.

How about keeping things in perspective, eh, Jews?

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