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Montel Williams’ Flack Reveals The Conservative Press Montel Loves

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Sure, Montel Williams is an Independent — you know, the kind that typically detests right-leaning media types and organizations like Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson and The Heritage Foundation.

Except when he thinks it benefits him to have a seat on their stage.

Last night, I sent a note to Jonathan Franks, Montel’s PR flack, asking if the talk show host and military veteran had “simmered down” since his anger over a Daily Caller headline the day before. Montel and his aide had complained that it politicized his remarks too much, even though his thoughts were, indeed, political. For whatever reason (and I don’t mind that he did it), he copied the email and posted it on Twitter this morning and wrote, “amateur don’t u think?”Asking if a decorated vet had “simmered down.” As if I should be deeply embarrassed for writing that email request for comment.

Well, I’m not, and here it is.

Hi Jonathan,

I cover the media for The Daily Caller. I am writing up the altercation between Montel Williams and the news outlet. I was wondering if Montel has simmered down from last night about The Daily Caller’s story or if he’s still upset? The story was based on Montel’s own quotes and he, in fact, said the following:

“The president just promised $5 billion for terrorists around the world?!” Montel asked angrily during the segment. “At West Point?! Where he could have used today to say, ‘I’m sorry! For the pain that I’ve caused you, the families! And I’m going to fix it today!’”

If you have a comment I’d love to hear it. I’m publishing for the overnight edition.

Thanks for your time.


Franks sent me a response and later, the following email just to show how the conservative media, which Montel “the Independent” hardly ever agrees with, can please his boss. As if that’s the goal here. In the story in which I included Franks’ remarks, I described Montel as a “media whore” since he lobbied to appear on most every national morning show out there and beyond to discuss his plight for veterans — a worthy cause without a doubt.

Please note: “He has exactly nothing in common w/Heritage – but boy did he like this.”

From Franks: 

I hope u can see where he’s coming from. It’s not personal, he had never heard of the Daily Caller until yesterday. Had tucker’s response conveyed a little more understanding of his position rather than trivializing it, this isnt a story.

Ur [sic] a media writer so u’ll [sic] appreciate. He has exactly nothing in common w/ Heritage – but boy did he like this. – it’s 100% spot on.

Worrh [sic] noting, the guy was active duty 17 or 18 years as a special duty intel officer before going to reserves – degree in engineering from Academy. He’s not the TMZ set. He understands the first ammendment and doesn’t think he gets to dictate what anyone writes. And he RARELY reacts – ever. When he does, he’s pretty good at exercising his own right to voice his opinion, and happy to leave this one to the universe to decide.

What was that headline that Montel LOVED? “WATCH: Montel Williams lashes out at Washington over veterans issues.” And the lead (bolding, mine): “Former talk-show host Montel Williams, a retired U.S. Marine and Navy veteran, delivered an emotional speech slamming the Obama administration and lawmakers in Congress for their treatment of veterans.”

Great idea. Let’s let the universe decide. But after days of blasting The Daily Caller for a headline that was basically repeated by other conservative pubs that Montel apparently now suddenly LOVES, let’s just agree that Montel likes to influence the universe as much as humanly possible.