Huge Train Smashes Truck Full of Watermelon [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Watch a train slam into a tractor-trailer full of watermelons in this dramatic footage captured by an awesome teenager.

Austin Broderick, 15, and his dad were on their way home from Walmart when they came upon the tractor-trailer stalled on the tracks, and realized a train was approaching, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

“I was kind of worried about the driver,” Austin told the Sentinel. “But I was kind of excited because I’d never seen something like this happen.”

Broderick’s dad backed their car to what he felt was a safe distance (in case of explosion) and Austin began filming with his cell phone. “Well, that semi’s about to get hit by a train and the train ain’t gonna stop,” he says in the video.

Then as the CSX train smashes into the truck his dad reacts: “OH Damn!”

“That is not … good,” Austin adds.

After the collision, the father-son bonding experience continues as they investigate the wreckage.

His dad later described the crash to the Sentinel: “It’s like it was in slow-motion. You hear the train, then it’s dead silence, and then wham! I’ve never seen anything like it. It was breathtaking.”

No injuries were reported — the driver was standing on the other side of the tracks. The Sentinel also notes that the tracks were near a retirement community, which is not surprising because the accident happened in Florida, which is also not surprising.


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