The Boston Tickler Strikes Again

Emma Colton Deputy Editor
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The masked man known as the “Boston Tickler” has allegedly tickled more feet.

According to a Boston Globe report, police are investigating whether a man wearing a ski mask who broke into three apartments early this morning in the Brighton area of Boston, is the infamous “Boston Tickler.”

“My roommate woke up to a tickling on his foot,” David C. Master told the Globe. “He thought it was a cat at first. He woke up, and there was a man crouched by his bed. He started yelling and the man ran out. I woke up and saw [the masked man] run by my door.”

According to the students, the man broke into the unlocked apartment without stealing anything and was chased out after Master’s roommate was awoken by tickles.

According to police, this wasn’t the first reported break in this morning. At 3:50 a.m., a call was made to the police about a masked man who broke into a house, yet didn’t steal anything. And an hour after that, another report was filed about a break-in. Out of all the accounts, there is only one report of foot-play. (RELATED: Tickling Bandit Loose On Boston College Campus)

The alleged “Boston Tickler” made the news last month when several Boston College students reported a man breaking into apartments, and either watching them sleep or tickling their feel, but not stealing anything.

“It’s pretty creepy,” said Master. “He didn’t hurt anybody. He didn’t take anything. It just seems a bit creepy.”

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