World Pup Has More Cuties Than World Cup [VIDEO]

Julia Dent Contributor
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If you’re having a ruff day, take a paws from work and check out the World Pup. With the World Cup starting today, the new (and way cuter) World Pup is starting on Animal Planet. Animal Planet is kicking off this pawsitively adorable competition today with 16 pooches competing for the top spot, according to Today.

“The World Cup is so exciting because tens of millions of people from around the world watch in anticipation of their country’s performance and pin their hopes and dreams to the outcome,” Miguel Monteverde, vice president of Digital Media for Animal Planet, said. “We thought ‘Why just soccer? Why not puppies?’”

“Spectators” can vote online for countries based on the dog breeds representing them. Some breeds include Belgium’s Brussels griffon, Portugal’s Portuguese water dog, Germany’s dachshund, Spain’s Great Pyrenees, Netherlands’ keeshond, Cameroon’s basenji and Mexico’s Chihuahua.

“One of the great things about an international event like the World Cup or the World Pup is that you end up learning things about your neighbors overseas,” Monteverde said. “At its core, we think people will learn about breeds they didn’t know before.”

The competition will be single round elimination, and the top dog will be announced on July 10.

“We’re not sure if people will be voting based on breed popularity or if they’ll show national pride and vote for their own country,” Monteverde said. “We just don’t know how this will play out, which is what makes it fun.”

So throw a bone to your favorite contestant and vote on the event site!