Harvard Professor Unites With Terrorist-Sympathizing Singer To Crush Free Speech

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Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig is pulling out all the stops in his quest to fund an anti-super PAC super PAC in the hopes of drastically restricting everyone else from using money to affect politics and preventing Super PACs – except his own – from influencing elections.

Lessig’s latest stunt promoting the Mayday Super PAC involves an online appearance with Amanda Palmer, an obscure, ukelele-playing singer who is half of a duo called The Dresden Dolls, a self-styled dark cabaret band. (She sometimes calls herself “Amanda Fucking Palmer.”)

Last year, Palmer penned a poem called “A Poem For Dzhokhar.” The tender ode paints a sensitive picture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Muslim extremist who is on trial for killing three people (including an eight-year-old boy) and injuring about 260 more with pressure cooker bombs during the 2013 Boston Marathon.

The all-lowercase verse begins thusly: “you don’t know how it felt to be in the womb but it must have been at least a little warmer than this.”

Another line is: “you don’t know how orgasmic the act of taking in a lungful of oxygen is until they hold your head under the water.”

Still other lines are “you don’t know how to believe anyone anymore” and “you don’t know how you walked into this trap so obliviously.”

Gawker called the poem “the worst poem of all time” and called Palmer “a deluded and opportunistic narcissist who sells rhetorical snake oil to people too full of unearned self-regard to join an actual cult.”

On Monday, Lessig is having a “pop-up concert and conversation” video chat with the terrorist-sympathizing Palmer on a website called Wizeo to hawk his attempt to create a Super PAC dedicated to stifling political speech.

The point of the event is to “engage millennials” who “rally behind community and behind the people that inspire them,” according to a press release obtained by The Daily Caller.

In May, Lessig put a video on YouTube publicizing his bizarro anti-super PAC super PAC that seeks to keep politicians from raising money “from the tiniest fraction of the ‘one percent.'” (RELATED: Harvard Prof Begs For Big Money For Super PAC To Fight BIG MONEY In Politics)

Then, earlier this month, he announced that a handful of filthy rich patrons from the tiniest fraction of the “one percent” will each provide gifts in the hundreds of thousands to his Super PAC. (RELATED: Harvard Prof’s Anti-Big Money Super PAC Collects BIG MONEY From FILTHY RICH Leftists)

Like Lessig, almost all of the mega-rich donors lean left or far left politically.

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