Middle School Kids Learn How To SHAKE BABIES UNTIL THEY DIE

Seventh-grade students at Churchville-Chili Middle School in the suburbs of Rochester, N.Y. learned exactly how to shake babies until they die during a lesson concerning shaken baby syndrome.

The training occurred on Friday in a class called family and consumer sciences, reports

A tip about the lesson came from a parent who said her 12-year-old son had returned from the taxpayer-funded school visibly disturbed. The boy explained the lesson, saying that it involved a video and a worksheet.

The video warned of the dangers of shaking babies. It showed a baby who was shaken and badly injured a well as the baby’s father, who ended up in jail because he had shaken his infant child.

After the video, the teacher picked up a specially-made doll and shook it in front of the class.

Then, according to the 12-year-old boy, the teacher informed the students that it was time for them to demonstrate their own prowess. She told them to shake the doll good and hard – and continuously – until several parts of its doll brain had lit up to show that they were all sufficiently injured.

As the shaking occurred, the doll emitted screams. Once all its brain parts had lit up, the doll went quiet — presumably to imitate death.

“Just don’t go crazy,” the teacher allegedly warned. “The doll is heavy.”

The parent said her son refused to shake the baby, which left the teacher surprised.

Some other students also refused to shake the doll.

Half a dozen students did shake the doll to death, though, with various degrees of cruelty.

Students in the class responded in different ways. Some were sickened and averted their eyes. Others were highly amused. The parent alleged that one kid yelled “YES” as the shaking activity was happening.

The teacher’s website describes the family and consumer sciences as preparation for students “to meet their responsibilities as family members, consumers, home managers, wage earners, and parents” — “to become ‘Life Ready.'”

Realityworks, the company that makes the shake-to-death-ready baby, claims that its “Total Parenting Experience curricula align to the Common Core” even though Common Core is currently a set of national standards for math and English only.

There’s also a “drug-affected baby” and a “fetal alcohol syndrome baby.”

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