Oregon Company To Create Drone-Detecting Devices

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An Oregon company is developing drone-detecting devices because of peoples’ concerns about privacy and drone use.

Domestic Drone Countermeasure has started a Kickstarter campaign to develop these sensors. And according to The Verge, DDC has been working on this technology for over a year. Their desktop sensor system will be able to identify when a drone is within 50 feet.

“There are legitimate uses for domestic drones, but there are still concerns about privacy and surveillance by various entities,” said Amy Ciesielka, founder of DDC.

According to DDC’s Kickstarter, they aren’t trying to go up against the military with their software because those drones “fly too high and are too sophisticated.”

“Our intent is to keep your privacy safe from your neighbors and people you may not know who are flying small drones near your home or office,” DDC says on their page. “The Personal Drone Detection Systems are intended to counter small, personal drones with cameras and other sensors that are not being regulated.”

This detection system consists of three transmitters to triangulate a drone’s location, with the “Primary Command and Control Module” working with a tablet, phone or computer through WiFi. The other two transmitters are “Detection Sensor Nodes.”

This system can alert you to a drone’s presence even if you’re not at home through messages sent to a phone or tablet. In addition, the system also has an alarm, which could be disabled.

This Kickstarter is to fund the DDC’s first production models, first with alpha testers, then beta testers.

DDC has filed patents for their drone-detecting hardware, and they say it’s “critical that we make the public aware of this technology.”

“Frankly, the more Detection networks that are in the field, the more effective the systems will ultimately become for everyone.”

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