Fake Cows Bring Wi-Fi To UK Music Festival

Lauren Eissler Contributor
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A music festival in Britain is finally getting Wi-Fi. But it didn’t go about it in a typical way — it brought in fake, brightly painted cows to bring in the Wi-Fi.

Glastonbury Festival has placed these life-size cows around the site so attenders can post to their social media to their hearts’ content, according to Digital Trends.

This high-tech herd supplied by EE, the country’s largest mobile operator, is equipped with 4G and Wi-Fi and is provided to festival-goers for free.

“Staying connected has become an essential part of any festival-goer’s experience and we are thrilled to be back supporting Glastonbury Festival, helping to ensure those on site have the best possible experience,” said EE’s brand director Spencer McHugh in a release.

The fiberglass cows are accompanied by signs saying, “Log in for free moo-bile Wi-Fi. It’s udderly fast!”

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Lauren Eissler