Lady Gaga: She’s Just Like Us [PHOTOS]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Aside from being the only mega-celebrity most people couldn’t recognize without makeup if their life depended on it, self-proclaimed “Queen of the Universe”  and pop-star Lady Gaga really isn’t that special.

Here are the absolute weirdest and most bizarre posts from her Instagram to prove she’s basically normal.

1. Lots of people have tattoos.


2. The all too familiar, ‘Look at me, I’m wearing a mask’ post.


3. Who hasn’t posted an Instagram or taken a picture involving seashells?


4. It’s totally normal to pose with a bouquet of flowers.


5. Just a casual picture with some chill dudes.

6. Classic: A home-video of your toys doing stuff.


7. She also plays dress-up like a pro.


8. Lots of people also don’t wear pants.


9. The Mona Lisa is super popular — makes sense.


10. This is basically the same as when your mom embarrasses you with that mini-you bath time pic, only Lady Gaga is her own mom.


11. Who wouldn’t celebrate Halloween every day of the year if they could afford it?

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