Delusional (Or Funny?) Woman Carries Bradley Cooper Cutout With Her EVERYWHERE [PHOTOS]

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Another parent is embarrassing her kids on social media. Danielle Davis has created an Instagram account under the name “My Life With Bradley Cooper,” where she posts pictures of herself with a cardboard version of the actor picking up groceries from Costco, cutting the grass, reading stories to her children — and the list of joint errands goes on.

Davis said she attended college with Bradley Cooper for a year, and her bio for the account reads, “Now he’s an Oscar nominee and I’m wondering what the hell happened.” She has uploaded almost 50 pictures since April, and gained over 8,000 followers.

She takes him to the grocery store.

And to the massage chairs at the mall.

They read together in the park.

He watches television with her husband.

She reads to her two children with him.

Somehow, she even bikes with him.