Democratic Delegate Drops F-Bomb While Defending Himself From Sex Allegations

Charles Thompson Contributor
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A day after being indicted for having sexual relations with a 17-year-old female, Democratic Virginia delegate Joseph Morrissey made matters worse by saying the f-bomb on television Tuesday trying to defend himself, the Washington Free Beacon reports.

County prosecutors allege that the 56-year-old Morrissey and his teenage partner engaged in sexual actions multiple times in his law office. Prosecutors also allege that the two individuals sent text messages back and forth through which Morrissey asked for a nude picture from the girl to “fantasize about their next encounter.”

In a press appearance captured by CBS affiliate WTVR in Richmond, Morrissey is seen attempting to defend his recent conviction by reading text messages sent between him and the girl.

During the messages, Morrissey claims that his teenage friend sent a text that said “OMG, I just f**cked my boss.”

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