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Uh oh. Twitter sued for age discrimination? Have a look here. The guy is claiming a supervisor made insulting comments about his age. Which is 57.

Guess who’s joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…. Hint: Big lips. See here.

Lawmakers — were they once more susceptible to the sun than the rest of us? And no, this has nothing to do with House Speaker John Boehner‘s year-long tan. Read about the weird report from 25 years ago here.

Interns can learn how to succeed in Washington… Roll Call puts together it’s first e-book to tell intern just how to make it all work and land that job after the summer is over. See here.

Cuddling with strangers — and this is a good thing? The Atlantic has an exposé about strangers who come together to cuddle or connect as the buzzword suggests. “You’re advised to bring snacks, pillows, and blankets, and aren’t allowed to wear shorts, tank tops, or lingerie.” Read the story on American loneliness here.

Food blogger opens up about her eating disorder… Had to happen, right? The Blonde Vegan is now The Balanced Blonde. Read here.

Newspaper reporters are the most endangered job in 2014... Say it isn’t so! See here.

No sh-t. English reporter says he swallowed a fly… Watch here.