Kim Caught By Stepbrother In See-Through Dress Photo Shoot [VIDEO]

Julia Dent Contributor
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Kim Kardashian’s stepbrother Brody Jenner walked in on a photo shoot of her in a completely see-through wet dress with no underwear during the latest “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” episode.

“Woah! Woah! Woah! What are you doing?” Brody asked Kim. “What the f***!”

“This is so embarrassing I want to die, and he’s, like, frozen, just shocked,” Kim said. “It’s just like super awkward.”

Brody told his brother Brandon and his wife Leah about the awkward encounter and joked about being turned on by his stepsister.

“Oh, that’s sick,” Brandon said.

Kim’s obsession with taking pictures of herself is also driving her sister Khloe crazy on their vacation in Thailand.

“She is obsessed with taking pictures,” Khloe said, according to the Daily Mail. “We’re watching like fire-eating people, it’s like a cool once-in-a-lifetime thing to witness, and instead of being in the moment Kim is taking selfies.”

“I don’t even know — I’m so over the f***ing selfies.”

Since Kim’s hubby Kanye couldn’t make it on the vacation, Kim is taking selfies for him for the “ultimate Thailand selfie book.”

“Every single room has a different selfie backdrop,” Kim said about their resort. “That is so amazing!”

“We have to do, like, one wet shot a day.”