Sheriff Joe Arpaio BLASTS Mexico Over Its Opposition To Texas Border Enforcement Push

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio slammed the Mexican government over their anger that Texas Governor Rick Perry deployed National Guard troops to the border, saying U.S. soldiers should be “across the border” in Mexico and floated taking away some of Mexico’s foreign aid to pay for the ongoing operation.

On Tuesday, Perry announced the deployment of 1,000 Texas National Guard soldiers to the southern border, a move designed to stem the flow of illegal immigrants — many of them children — fleeing violence and poverty in Central America.

The Mexican government publicly blasted the U.S. for not being a “good neighbor,” angering Maricopa County’s top law enforcement officer.

“The National Guard isn’t going there with machine guns!” he began. “It’s a support-type operation that Governor Perry has the courage to do.”

“We should be across the border!” he exclaimed, noting he used to work “hand in hand” with Mexican authorities during his time at the DEA. “Why can’t we send the Border Patrol — or the military — across the border to work in a bilateral situation.”

“I can’t understand why they are afraid of the National Guard in the United States at the border. It doesn’t make sense . . . but it does make sense. They don’t like anything we’re doing here.”

“If they were neighborly they would do something in Mexico and crack down on the drug traffic and illegal immigration, instead of criticizing our country all the time!” he charged.

“Why don’t we take away some of their foreign aid . . . to help us pay for this operation?” Arpaio continued angrily. “That’s good neighbors.”

“Why is Mexico concerned about the National Guard!?” he repeated incredulously. “They oughta be happy. As I said, they should say ‘Come on, National Guard or military, come across the border and help us out!’ Instead of criticizing our operation.”

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