Skype Your Doctor For Your Next Checkup With This App

Kate Patrick Contributor
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Visit the HealthTap website and you’ll learn the real reason why we have doctors: to make us “feel good.”

But apparently, visiting doctors isn’t fun. No one likes to go to the doctor, because it means they feel bad (and sometimes doctors aren’t really helpful in making us feel good). But HealthTap is bringing back the “fun” in seeing your doctor.

“By bringing the fun back into taking care of each other, we work with doctors to make the world a better place,” the website says. “Join the Feel Good movement.”

Here’s how it works. Members of HealthTap can activate the app and ask medical questions — like “why do I have stomach pain,” for example. Doctors are always available to answer questions via a messaging system or live video call.

HealthTap can hardly believe its own awesomeness: “Just think how extraordinary this is. No more endlessly scouring the web for health information that is relevant and trustworthy—just HealthTap it. No more having to book doctor appointments days or weeks ahead because your doctor is busy. No more hours spent in traffic jams or waiting rooms. HealthTap brings the best doctors directly to you.”

Despite the gushy website, the app could be really handy. Lots of people research symptoms or remedies on the internet, but with HealthTap you have access to legitimate answers from real doctors.

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